Community Destruction

Whole communities in the Harmondsworth area would be devastated by a third runway.  Some residents would have their homes bulldozed and have to leave the area.  Others – in some ways even more unfortunate – would not face the bulldozer but would face living in a third runway hell-hole.

One resident walked to Scotland to make his point.

Richmond Council puts it bluntly: “The previous plans for a third runway at Heathrow called for the destruction of around 700 homes, including the entire village of Sipson, at the minimum. This doesn’t include properties that would need to be destroyed for access roads and road widening etc. or those that would now be so close to the new runway they would become uninhabitable. Entire communities would be wiped out and some estimates put the figures at 10,000 people needing to me moved, the largest forced removal in over 100 years.”

Stop Heathrow Expansion  (SHE) is equally forthright: “It would destroy at least 783 homes. (This is the figure supplied by the Airports Commission based on Heathrow’s proposals.) Longford would be totally destroyed, and little would be left of Harmondsworth. Homes in Sipson would be unbearably close to the airport perimeter. One street of more than 60 houses is surrounded on three sides by the airport perimeter fence!

SHE believes that homes in other local areas will be unlivable. On the 1st December 2014, Heathrow announced that they would offer to buy around 3,750 homes if a third runway is given the go-ahead. However, those homeowners outside the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) area would probably have to wait until the runway was operational before they could sell to Heathrow. It is also becoming clear that the amount of money allocated for compensation and mitigation is totally insufficient.

There are no plans to rehouse any of the people displaced by airport expansion. Homeowners and tenants would have to find a property they could afford. Many realise they could be forced to live miles away. Whole communities could be dispersed around the country. Local authorities that support expansion, such as Slough and Spelthorne are not making any plans to support displaced people.

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