Climate Change Background

Everyone is threatened by climate change
Climate change is largely driven by burning fossil fuels
Aviation depends on fossil fuels (biofuels are not a viable alternative but a distraction)

Climate change means more extreme weather events
• Warms the seas and intensifies hurricanes
• Melts the ice caps which reflect the sun – so warming happens faster

Climate Change

Causes heavier rain and flash floods
(and more concrete and tarmac means nowhere for water to soak in)

There seems to be a conspiracy not to talk about recent hurricanes. Caroline Lucas MP dared to draw the link and was branded “ inhumane”. It’s inhumane not to talk about it. And take action at national level.

The supporters of Heathrow expansion rely on supposed economic benefits. But they never mention the costs of the project’s contribution to climate change.

For more on the effects of climate change, see FoE’s explanation.  For more on aviation change see AEF site. See here for Heathrow and climate change. Back to home page.