What a nerve! Airlines want massive public bailout with no strings attached.

This is what Greenpeace says:

During one of the biggest health and economic crises of our time, polluting airlines in the UK are asking for huge government bailouts. They want taxpayers’ money – our money – to keep them going.

You may have already seen it in the news, billionaire Richard Branson hasn’t paid UK tax for 14 years but he’s asking for a £500 million taxpayer bailout for his airline – Virgin Atlantic.

Meanwhile, EasyJet is set to receive £600 million in government loans – while refusing to cancel a £170 million payout made to shareholders just weeks ago.

Airlines like this want taxpayer money with no-strings-attached, no promises to clean up their businesses or protect the climate, and no commitments to put their employees before shareholders and bonuses.

If we want to build a safer, greener and more resilient world after the health crisis is over, the airline industry needs to change.

So, I’ve added my name to an open letter to the UK Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, saying that if he gives airlines a bailout, then they must protect their workers and massively reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Will you join me and thousands of others so he pays attention?

Sign the open letter: https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/no-free-airline-bailout-ems

Thanks so much.