Government seems to have no intent to control aviation emissions

The government has launched a consultation on transport and climate change.

While it seems surprisingly ambitious on road traffic, it totally fudges the issue of aviation. This is obvious when you see statements such as “We will lead the development of sustainable biofuels, hybrid and electric aircraft to lessen and remove the impact of aviation on the environment and by 2050…”

None of the experts, including the government’s own Committee on Climate Change (CCC), believe that these cannot make more than a small contribution to reaching the ‘Net Zero’ target of CO2 emissions by 2050.

Is the government already demonstrating it is not serious about Net Zero?

Statements such as “Aviation, at present, is a relatively small contributor to domestic UK GHG emissions” are misleading. The vast majority of aviation emissions are international, that is the UK to foreign countries and vv.  The government is trying, as always, to pretend that international aviation emissions ‘don’t count’.

See comment from Airport Watch.

The government may hope that no-one will notice because of the coronavirus crisis. They are wrong! We must not and will not allow government to back away from action on the far greater threat of climate change.

Airline bosses to ask for £7.5 billion bailout to survive Coronavirus

UK Airline bosses to ask for £7.5 billion bailout to survive Coronavirus.

What a nerve! Airlines, more than any other, spread diseases like Coronavirus (Covid-19) round the world. They should be paying us to sort out the pandemic! In accordance with the ‘Polluter Pay Principle’.

The airlines claim they are essential to the economy. But the great majority of flights are just affluent people jetting off on holiday. Less than 20% of passenger flights (and declining) are business.

And remember – the airlines already enjoy a tax dodge worth £10 billion pa for tax free fuel.

With the slump in demand, some airlines and airports might go bust. But how much does that really matter? When the pandemic is over and demand for air travel bounces back, all the planes and runways will still be there, ready to be picked up and used by the surviving airlines.

Final thought

Governments around the world have are making huge efforts and imposing colossal economic costs in order to minimise the impact of Coronavirus. How is it that those same governments are doing virtually nothing  to avert a far greater threat than Coronovirus – Climate Change.