Climate change has really come to the fore in the last year or two. The aviation industry has responded with a concerted campaign of deception and mis-information, claiming that somehow evermore flying is compatible with the UK’s (and other countries’) “carbon neutral” target. It isn’t!

The latest piece of ‘greenwash’ is from Easyjet who will plant a few trees if passengers pay. And Heathrow Airport will help to restore a peat bog. But these so-called ‘offsets’ do not and cannot undo the climate impacts of  flying.

These false claims are exposed in the article here. It is written by an academic – James Dyke at the University of Exeter. This is significant because academics are required to tell the truth – unlike the aviation industry or politicians.


Time to tell the truth on Heathrow expansion

With the election coming up, it’s important that our new MPs address crucial issues such as climate change and Heathrow expansion. Not just the Brexit soap opera.

Here is a concise briefing which is being sent to candidates. This tells them the truth about Heathrow expansion, with data taken from official sources. Not misleading propaganda from Heathrow Airport, aided and abetted by their pals at the Department for Transport.