Heathrow third runway consultation

As part of the process of deciding on ‘Major Infrastructure Projects’, the promoter (in this case Heathrow Airport Ltd) have to undertake a public consultation. The results of this must be taken into account in the next stage, which is the Development Consent Order (DCO) process.

The consultation consists of a series of events around West London and west of London and the information is also available on the web. (https://aec.heathrowconsultation.com/collections/summary/)

Heathrow is running the ‘statutory consultation’. This is the same organisation which has been running a gigantic and highly misleading propaganda campaign promoting a third runway. So the the consultation will inevitably not be neutral or impartial.

For this reason, be very careful if you decide to respond.

In conjunction with the No Third Runway Coalition, West London of the Earth will be providing advice on how to respond. We strongly advise that you hold off responding until we issue this advice. (Consultation open till 13th Sep.)

A few immediate tips:

We suggest you preface any response by saying you are strongly opposed to a third runway.

Do not answer questions which are ‘leading’; or do not answer in a way that could be construed as supporting or accepting a third runway.

Don’t use the online response form unless you have seen all the questions before you start. Otherwise, not knowing the questions that follow, you could be led down a path.

Better to respond by email (or post) making the points you wish to make and not being limited by the questions.

However you respond, keep a copy of your answers.