Climate march on Saturday 1st December !

In the UK we have a government that doesn’t seem to care about climate change. On the other side of the Atlantic there is a president who even denies it is happening – despite the unprecedented forest fires and death of hundreds of Americans.

Let’s show politicians, the media and the public that we do care. And we expect our leaders to, well, take the lead.

Details of the march.

Senior Department for Transport official misleads on aviation safety

At a ’roundtable’ table discussion on 13/11/18 about the forthcoming UK government Green Paper on aviation strategy, the head of aviation strategy Catherine Adams said there is “absolutely no compromise on safety”.

This is patently untrue – the new Heathrow runway that DfT is  promoting – pointing at the heart of the UK’s biggest conurbation – poses an obvious extra risk to people on the ground. See page on safety (danger).

Telling comment on the budget

Comment by MP Caroline Lucas on the Budget:

“Today [29 Oct], the Chancellor needed to announce an emergency Budget for the climate. He failed. 

Just weeks after the UN told us that we are on the brink of climate breakdown, they kept bankrolling the fossil fuel giants, while refusing to invest in the renewables revolution Britain so badly needs.

This was the day for radical action. But we have been let down.

The Chancellor should have ended fossil fuel subsidies, and given solar and wind the investment they need to transform the lives of people across Britain.

Instead, from Hinkley, to Heathrow, to HS2, this Government bundles billions into dirty white elephant projects while blocking a clean energy future.

It’s clear they have no sense of the scale of our climate emergency. [Or just don’t care]  It’s up to us to take action.