12 years to save the planet – UK does its best to sabotage action by fracking

The Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change has just issued a report   which says that allowing global warming to exceed 1.5 degree Celsius would greatly impact our planet’s livability. What’s alarming is that this 1.5 degree Celsius temperature ‘guard rail’ could be exceeded in just 12 years, in 2030. Here.

Or, as the Guardian says, “We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, warns UN”.

Given the scale of the threat, it is truly extra-ordinary – and unforgivable – that the UK government has given the go-ahead to frack across the county. This will lead to even more emissions of climate-changing greenhouse gases and make it even harder to protect our climate and our future.

Never has the expression “lunatics in charge of the asylum” been more apt.