Heathrow attack on local democracy

Back Heathrow, the front group for Heathrow Airport, has launched an attack on local democracy.

It is criticising local councils for launching a court case (Judicial Review) on Heathrow expansion. The attack was led by ex Labour MP Parmjit Dhanda. (See, for example, R&T Times.

Nic Ferriday of West London Friends of the Earth commented “Heathrow has spent some £30 million promoting a third runway with a massive lobbying campaign of propaganda and mis-information. Yet when democratically elected councils choose to oppose it, they are accused by Heathrow of wasting taxpayers’ money.

It is absolutely not for a Heathrow funded organisation (purporting to represent local people) to try and dictate to democratically elected Councillors how to allocate their budgets. Councillors have every right to try and protect, among other things, the lives and health of the people they represent.

Particularly ironic is that Heathrow expects the taxpayer to spend vastly more to support its expansion than any legal costs. It expects the taxpayer foot the bill for the necessary road and rail schemes, estimated at £5 billion to £10 billion. And to pay the costs of the extra noise, air pollution and congestion.”