Airports National Policy Statement awaits MPs’ vote

The Airports National Policy Statement (NPS), which recommends a third runway at Heathrow, was presented to Parliament on 5th June. Transport minister Chris Grayling made a statement to the House.

We have now read the NPS. We consider it to be one of the most dishonest and misleading documents ever presented to Parliament.

Key evidence, painstakingly assembled by staff at the Department for Transport and published at the very last minute in dense supporting documents, has been excluded from the main NPS.  Meanwhile, the NPS is filled with pages of verbiage, interlaced with dubious arguments and spurious statistics.

The intent is to mislead MPs so that they will vote for a third runway. The reason for this deceit is clear. The government has set its heart on a third runway and the last thing it wants is to tell MPS and the country the truth about the impacts. And about the economic benefits, now shown to be zero or negative.

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