Heathrow’s own consultations

Alongside the official consultations, Heathrow Airport has been running its own consultations.

Two consultations are closed (ie no more responses are being taken): Heathrow Expansion Consultation 1 (closed 28th March 2018) and Heathrow Airspace Consultation 1  (also closed 28th March 2018).

The Heathrow Noise Action Plan consultation opened on 16th May (closes 26th June).

Friends of the Earth is reluctant to take part in such consultations. Being undertaken by a private company that obviously has its own agenda, the information presented to the public is inevitably biased and partial.  Unlike government consultations, standards of transparency and impartiality do not have to be met. The responses will undoubtedly be used to inform and support Heathrow’s extensive public relations campaign.