Heathrow continues to mislead

Heathrow continues to mislead. This time it was John Holland-Kaye, speaking to a ‘Sustainability Leaders Forum’.

Holland-Kaye claimed that a third runway would generate £211 billion in economic benefits. So where did he get that figure?

It is one estimate of ‘wider economic benefits’ (over 60 years) produced by consultants for the Airports Commission. The figure was rubbished by the Airports Commission’s own peer reviewers and rejected by the Department for Transport (DfT).

Prior to Holland-Kayes comments, honest civil servants at DfT had produced an estimate of between £2.0 and £3.9 billion for ‘wider economic impacts’. That is,  between 54 and 105 times lower!

(This DfT figure has since been slightly revised to between £1.8 and £3.1 billion. See briefing for more detail.)

This latest example of deceit and misinformation shows exactly why Heathrow cannot be trusted. If they are prepared to inflate economic benefits 54-fold, how can anybody have any faith in any figures they produce? Or anything they say?