There is already saturation coverage of the health and social issues surrounding coronavirus; West London Friends of the Earth sees no need to add to the comment. However, we do need to mention some environmental issues.

There is a grave danger that action on the environment will stall or, worse, go backwards.

In the US, Trump has given companies the freedom to ignore pollution laws.

Here in the UK, there are worries that planners and developers are looking to push through controversial and unsustainable  planning applications at a time when full public scrutiny is not possible.

As a famous person said “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

It’s very interesting how governments around the world are prepared to impose draconian measures to address coronavirus. Yet when it comes to climate change – which is much more predictable and is a much greater threat than coronavirus – governments are refusing to take action.


Say No to Heathrow Expansion


MPs voted in favour of a third runway in 2018. See blog.  A Statutory Consultation was held in 2019

A third runway would mean nearly 50% more flights and passengers per day. There would be huge local impacts – noise; air pollution; congestion; danger from accidents; loss of homes; destruction of communities and amenities; damage to wildlife and habitats.

At a wider level it would contribute to climate change and, remarkably, the government’s own analysis shows there is no net benefit to the UK economy. See links below for more on these issues.   

The Airports National Policy Statement (NPS), which recommended a third runway at Heathrow, was presented to Parliament on 5th June 2018. We consider it to be one of the most dishonest and misleading documents ever presented to Parliament.  Seek links below which explain how and why.  Vote in Parliament –  see blog.


So who is responsible for this misrepresentation to MPs and Parliament? Here